SportGait, a local Wilmington company, examines the relationship between the physical and mental performance of athletes to detect concussion using balance, gait, and neuropsychological testing in combination with special sensor technology. SportGait’s Concussion Management System enables the medical community to work hand in hand with players, parents and coaches in a data-driven collaboration to identify, track and monitor at-risk individuals.

Preserving the game, while making it safer

This company is built on the premise that parents, trainers, and coaches are often the first to identify possible brain trauma in youth athletes, but only a medical professional should evaluate an athlete for concussion and determine if they are safe to return to school and play.

SportGait aims to raise awareness and educate the community on concussion and recovery safety, which can help prevent further injury:

  • teaches users about concussion symptoms and facts, baseline tests, the key steps to follow and proper place to go if a concussion event occurs.
  • Their local Facebook page shares mTBI recovery stories, new and upcoming concussion detection and management technology, locations of nearby medical professionals who offer baseline and concussion testing, and maneuvers that allow youth athletes to continue playing the sport they love while reducing their risk of injury.
  • The Concussion Test & Tracker by SportGait App increases the chance that an injury will be caught early on. In addition to an educational section like the website, the app keeps a log of reported impacts, the severity of those impacts and whether the athlete was removed from play as a result; should you look at the log and see several hard impacts within the last month, you can take this information to a physician rather than wait until your athlete is obviously suffering.

SportGait’s vision is a world where a sports concussion is treated with the same rigor as any sports injury, so that we can preserve the games we love while making them safer for our youth.

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The Concussion Management System (CMS)

Half of SportGait’s CMS, the Parent App can be used on its own or in combination with the Physician App, though the true power of the CMS comes from the decision to integrate the two. When a patient enables this feature for the Medac locations, the patient’s medical history is automatically updated with information stored in the log, providing physicians with a fuller picture of the situation and improving their ability to make an accurate assessment.

The Physician App for the CMS gives urgent care facilities objective data from five validated, reliable concussion assessments and alerts physicians when a patient’s results deviate from what is expected. It works regardless of whether a patient has had a recent baseline exam or their first medical assessment was post-concussion, meets all the guidelines set by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and NIH (National Institutes of Health), and complies with all State Laws regarding concussion management and evaluation.




The result is an improved Safe-to-SafeTM Continuum of Care as physicians assist the athlete through incident and treatment, and at the appropriate time, clear them for a safe return to school and play.

Common Questions about SportGait

If I get a concussion before taking my baseline physical, can SportGait still help?

Yes! SportGait uses an array of validated tests that have normative data; if you do not have a baseline test on record, a medical practitioner can look to see if your test results stray from the national averages established for your age. However, we do highly suggest baseline testing so physicians have a record of what normal looks like for you specifically.

Why should I have a Brain Physical baseline test done?

For personalized concussion treatment. Each of the tests administered during a baseline assessment will be administered again if you are one of the 1 in 7 youth athletes that will sustain a sports concussion. The baseline results give medical practitioners a record of objective data to compare new results to, supporting diagnoses and treatment decisions.

If I am not an athlete can I use SportGait?

Anyone can use the SportGait app to record vital data in the event of a head injury and learn what to do in case of a possible concussion. Please note that the leading cause of concussion is not sports – it’s falling.

How much does it cost? Will my insurance cover it?

The app is free. A baseline physical is an out of pocket expense, though in cases of a suspected concussion, the tests and recovery plan should be covered by most insurance companies – the only thing you pay is the co-pay!

How long does the typical protocol take to complete?

Budget about 30 minutes for a baseline each year. You can even have your baseline physical during your annual school or sports physical!

Do I have to go to the same Urgent Care every time?

No. When you download the SportGait app, you are given a unique ID number that syncs your records between all participating providers. Use the app’s built-in locator to find participating Medac clinics near you.

Have additional questions? Send SportGait a message!



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