Deck The Halls… With Caution and Common Sense


For most of us, the holiday season is the time for keeping spirits bright. While decorating our homes is part of the fun and festivities, the Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that thousands of people seek treatment for injuries resulting from holiday decorations every year— more than 13,000, in fact, during November and December ofMORE

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Practice ‘Less Is More’ In The Months Ahead


Too much of a good thing… is not a good thing. Beginning with Halloween, rolling into Thanksgiving, progressing from holiday party to holiday party, until finally ringing in the new year… it’s not only exhausting; it tends to be unhealthy. With some planning and mindfulness, however, you can mitigate the damage to your health andMORE

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The Time, It Is A-Changing—And So Might Your Sleep Habits


With Daylight Savings Time (DST) ending on November 1 this year, you’ll need to reset your clocks— including your internal one. Time changes on both ends of DST can affect sleep, which is a health concern for many. Sliding time forward an hour in the spring and back an hour in the fall temporarily upsetsMORE

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Halloween Is In The Air, Which Means So Is Flu Season


It’s time to be alert to things that can catch you off guard. So while you’re dodging dark corners, spooky sounds and practical pranksters, take up protection against another seasonal menace: the flu. Most flu cases occur between October and May, so the sooner you and your loved ones are protected, the better. Here’s aMORE

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Carving A Halloween Jack-O-Lantern? Fear Not!


Halloween is on the horizon, which means pumpkins will soon be plucked from their patches and plopped onto porches throughout the area. While some will be left intact, many will be transformed into scary, funny or even elaborate works of art. According to Consumer Reports, pumpkin carving is the culprit for the significant spike inMORE

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When The Dog Bites


Twenty-year-old Ellie was home from college and showed her mother Claire a sore on her hand. It was a puncture wound that had a greenish yellow center, and the skin around it was red, swollen and radiated heat. Ellie told her mom that the neighbor’s dog had nipped at her playfully, but it had piercedMORE

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Walking: Taking Strides Toward A Healthier You


It doesn’t take a gym membership or special equipment, and it can be accomplished on your own time. It’s no surprise that walking for exercise is the number one physical activity among adults. The possible health benefits of walking include: burning calories, which helps maintain a healthy weight strengthening muscles and bones increasing cardio fitness,MORE

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Follow These (Dance) Steps To Good Health


One of the secrets of going from a sedentary to an active lifestyle is finding something that feels more like fun and less like work. For a lot of people, that could mean getting off the couch and onto the dance floor. Dancing has tremendous health benefits, both physically and psychologically. Depending on the typeMORE

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Back-To-School Health Basics


Here’s a little health homework to accomplish before the new school year begins this month.  Let’s Get Physicals Along with their pencils and notebooks, students participating in sports need to add ‘get a physical’ to their list. Most, if not all, school and recreational teams require players to pass an annual physical screening before theyMORE

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Listen Up: Swimmer’s Ear Requires A Doctor’s Care


Apart from staying in air-conditioned buildings, keeping your cool during the hottest summer days may entail going for a dip in a pool or the ocean. It’s one of the many benefits of living at the coast, but it’s also one of the reasons we at Medac see a seasonal spike in outer ear infections,MORE

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