Back To School: Health and Safety Checklist

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Back-to-school time is busy for parents and students. There are many things that everyone will have to do in order to ensure that the school year is a success. The following checklist will help your child help you have a healthy and safe school year.

Schedule Checkups

You should take your child to the pediatrician before school starts. They may need to get immunizations. If your child is playing a sport, then they may need to get a special checkup. You should also ask the pediatrician about things that your child can do in order to prevent a concussion.

Many schools will do hearing and vision tests on children. If your school does not do those tests, then you should ask your child’s pediatrician about those tests. It is also a good idea to schedule a dental appointment for your child before school starts.

Organize Medical Records

Your child’s daycare provider and school will ask for medical records. You will be asked to provide the following.

Emergency contacts
Previous surgeries
Medical problems
Prescription medications

Put Together in the Transportation Plan

Your children will need to know how they are going to get to and from school each day. The plan should discuss the following.

If your child will be picked up from school, then you will need to tell your child the time and place. You will also need to let your child know what to do if you or the other driver is late.
If your child rides a bike or walks, then you will need to give them safety tips.
If your child takes a bus, then you will need to choose a pickup or dropoff spot for them.
If you have a teen who will be driving to school, then you will need to discuss driving safety tips.

Things do not always go as planned. That is why your transportation plan should also include an emergency plan.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Make sure that your children get the proper amount of sleep.
Make sure that your children do their homework. However, you should make sure that they have time for friends.
Make sure that your children wash their hands.
Communicate with your children and look out for signs of bullying.